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Sol-Ark (2D Space RTS/SandBox/Rogue-like) 

Sol-Ark (2D Space RTS/SandBox/Rogue-like) 

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23-06-2015 01:22:59



Have you ever wanted to build a spaceship, take care of astronauts, mine asteroids, and subsequently watch your vessel get obliterated while your crew chokes to death on interstellar void? Come join us as a volunteer tester for Sol-Ark’s demo.This will be a closed test, super secret, and used to help us with our full demo release at the end of June. 


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   Sol-Ark is currently running through its pre-flight checklist and is looking for a handful of brave (and unpaid) testers to strap themselves to our rocket and see what happens. We’re reaching out to those who have commented on our posts and articles so far, basically anyone who showed any sort of interest in the game to date. 

   Sol-Ark is still in its prototype phase and we are looking to get some broader feedback before we put out a hardened, finite demo for everyone to get their hands on. This means that the builds you’ll be playing will be limited in some capacities and don’t represent the final gameplay and graphics that we’re shooting for. There are placeholder elements for the user interface, windows, menus, that sort of stuff. Some gameplay mechanics will be switched off so we can focus in on things we know need to be tested, we’ll test all aspects of the game a bit later. You may encounter errors and bugs or lags, and we’re hoping you find some! We need this kind of feedback and want you to report back to us with all your thoughts, opinions, and experience. All of your input can be submitted via a feedback form we’ll provide you with should you be chosen for our little deep-space experiment.


What we’ll need from you:

  1. Your email address 
  2. An internet high five ( ^∇^)ノ
  3. A promise you won’t blog, tweet, post or hoot and holler about everything you’ll be playing, at least for a little while.


Still interested? Shoot an email off to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with “Tester” in the subject line. So keep your eyes on your personal message transponders and look out for an incoming message signal from a far off galaxy. It’s either an invitation to test, or a distress signal because I miscalculated my required propulsion (again) and have flown clear out of the solar system.

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