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Sol-Ark (2D Space RTS/SandBox/Rogue-like) 

Sol-Ark (2D Space RTS/SandBox/Rogue-like) 

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20-02-2015 02:44:25

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Our Partners


All Hail Our Indie Brethren


Haste (Time Bending Action): The good folks over at E-Cone gave a huge helping hand to our design lead and lead programmer during our games inception. They're now in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign that is well worth checking out.


Interstellaria: This is another deep space rpg/sim/sandbox game that has the oh-so-sought-after retro made new vibe. Despite the awesomeness it exudes, the developer has shown some anxiety over expectations for the game through their twitter account. Drop by and show them some love.


Indie Games Developer group in LinkedIn
creator - Julian Ross, our mentor and partner


Ghost Volta's forum is for the indie gaming fan to come and feel welcome. Our forum is for people who want to share discoveries, discuss opinions, and have a good a time with like-minded people. We're a friendly group of gamers, developers, and all-around rad people.


Project Empires in Ruins and its leader Emiliano Pastorelli
Merging traditional and dedicated TD gameplay with turn-based and real time strategy, sifted with RPG elements. All wrapped in very accurate development and graphics.

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